Art Services

Commissioned Artwork

Portrait painting is more than art, it is a testimony of the subject’s virtue,  beauty, potential, character, and honesty.  I try to capture the subject to convey the moment or memory. I am comfortable using a variety of mediums; however, I’ve chosen watercolor as best to capture the complex dimensions of people. I work from photos so you don’t have to sit for a painting unless you wish.  You may use existing photos for me to work from, but I am also capable to take the needed photographs.  Composing the portrait with photographs allows me to be creative in the composition and lends itself to adding elements that you desire, such as a portrait of you with your favorite pet or best friend.  Two separate photographs can be integrated to give you a special and unique heirloom.  Contact me for a free consultation.  We can talk about details like size, subject matter, background preferences, and goals.  Final pricing is determined by the project.

Bev at the unveiling of her commissioned work, Birthday Candles

Some of My Work

My art work is influenced by my diverse background and is centered around the people and places I know.  I strive to convey truth and the sentiment of the moment.

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